Sarah Flint

Sarah Flint

Hi friends! Today we are featuring a brand ambassador interview given by Sarah Flint NYC to our very own CEO and Founder, Chase! We love these shoes because they combine classic style with incomparable comfort, so when they asked if Chase would be an ambassador, the only answer was yes! We thought that since March is Women's History Month, this would be the perfect post!

Why did you join the Sarah Flint Brand Ambassador Program?

I joined the ambassador program because first of all, I adore the shoes. They're beautiful, comfortable, and durable. They definitely add a touch of class to any outfit I pair them with. However, most importantly, their brand aligns very closely with my own. Sarah Flint NYC and CSS Designs LLC are both female-founded, female-run companies that strive to put positivity out there!

What makes you willing to represent Sarah Flint and talk about the brand with your community?

I'm very picky about who I align my name and company with, especially since I poured my own hard work, sweat, and tears into building it. Like I mentioned before, I love the shoes. Even the heels are so comfortable that I don't notice I'm wearing them throughout the day--until someone compliments them, of course. Also, I like to align myself with fellow female entrepreneurs with similar visions, goals, and work ethics.

What is your favorite part about being a Sarah Flint Brand Ambassador?

While I don't necessarily have a favorite part, I do think it's extremely important as women to build each other up. There's a sense of companionship I feel between myself and the other brand ambassadors that makes me proud to be part of such a unique community of strong women.

What excites you about working with a female-founded and led brand?

CSS Designs LLC is a completely female-run team. My coworkers Cat and Brooke are also fiercely strong, work-oriented women who are the best "work wives." We are there for each other through the good and the bad, and our team calls often run late because we are catching up on our lives and offering support and encouragement when needed. Being part of Sarah Flint reflects the sense of family that is created when women work together.

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