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3 of Shopify's Newest Features
Shopify has so many attributes to obtain a modern, responsive, seamless website that can house all of your products or services. And, it's constantly evolving for the better. We specialize in Shopify and design is at the heart of what we do, we truly can take you and your company to the next level! We'll foster your business's long-term goals starting with branding, your website, and even marketing from whatever stage of business you're in.
Our New Services
Surprise! We are offering a few new services you have to look into. After much deliberation and analysis of past, current, and inquiring clients we've invented a perfect fix for those looking for quick results AND we now offer photography add-ons!
Technology We Can't Go Without: An Update
We have searched far and wide for the best software for scheduling social media. Through many trials and tribulations, we have found the holy grail: Later. Known for its ability to multitask, Later allows you to schedule social media marketing strategies across a litany of social media platforms for all of your clients, allowing you to keep track of your client’s social media in one place. But, that’s not all! Later also has a feature that few scheduling softwares have: analytics.
Not Sure What All Those Marketing Acronyms Mean? We've Got You Covered.
We're excited to bring your vision to life, but are you finding yourself in unfamiliar territory when working with a marketing agency? Not sure what those acronyms mean? Never fear, we’ve compiled the most common acronyms used in the marketing industry to help you better understand how we work and what we do when it comes to your projects.
5 Ways To Utilize User-Generated Content
User generated content (UGC) can be a very effective and cost-efficient way to make your business more popular and widely known in your industry.
3 Must-Know Industry Updates
The world of marketing is constantly changing, causing new trends to appear on our screens every day. As a savvy marketer, it helps to keep an eye on what’s happening in the industry so trends don’t take you by surprise....
Part Two: Why Shopify Works For Everyone
Most people may not think of Shopify when asked about a service based business. In reality, people may not even realize how some of the largest sites they frequent are housed on Shopify. I'm here today to talk about why Shopify works for everyone - product or service based. While service based businesses don't have tangible products, they in theory are still selling a service or set of skills to customers in a similar way.
Part One: Importance of Site Navigation
One of the most underrated parts of a website is the navigation. Website navigation has high priced realty when it come to your website.. Why? Because your navigation is the foundation of your site - it's how your customers will maneuver through your website. If you know me, then you've heard this before, you have three seconds to hook your audience... that's less time than it took me to type this sentence.
How To Effectively Manage A Team
One of my favorite aspects of running this business has been learning to manage a team. While building a team has been one of the most difficult challenges I've faced since starting my business I must say when it clicks......
HOW TO: Plan Social Media Strategically
Being at the forefront of a multi-faceted industry, it's important that we know the ins and outs of social media and stay on top of trends. This includes strategically planning content calendars and everything in between. This week we are giving you a run-down of our steps we take to execute a successful strategy for client social media.
HOW TO: Make The Most Of Social Platforms
We always advocate to stay active, intentional, and somewhat personable on social media. But what is each social platform best for? Yes, essentially each platform has the basic purposes of informing, promoting, and marketing altogether... but uses for social platforms...
10 MUST-Know Industry Updates
I've curated a list of 10 digital marketing trends relating to branding and design-based work so you can stay one step ahead of the game. I wanted to highlight some of the most recent industry updates you NEED to know...
Tell-Tale Signs You Need Our Branding, Design, Or Marketing Services
Running a business can be overwhelming, to say the least, and it's completely normal to run into obstacles or find yourself needing assistance in different areas. No matter where your skills lie, there is always room for improvement!
Work Smarter Not Harder: Brand Kits & Website Templates
Let's talk templates. With CSS Designs now being a one-stop shop you really can't go wrong with any of the experiences we offer. We provide Brand Kits, Website Templates, Website Design, Branding, Brand Refreshes, and now Marketing Services.
CSS Designs: Your One Stop Shop
Welcoming in CSS Design's newest edition to our white glove experience - Introducing our Full-Service Marketing Agency. Adding to our current services, CSS Designs is your one-stop-shop that offers luxury design, website, and now marketing experiences.  Today is a milestone...
The Foundational Values and Ideas of Your Companies Promise: Brand Pillars
A sustainable business is built on a strong foundation. Defining and illustrating the pillars to support your foundation is what will set your brand up for success - and differentiate it from the competition. It’s important to constantly stay focused...
Technology We Can’t Go Without: Part II
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to plan and schedule all of your social media content across multiple platforms at once? Life would be so much easier… oh wait YOU CAN. Ringing in part two of our blog series...
Technology We Can’t Go Without: Part I
To kick off a new series that will be featured here on CSS Designs Blog, Canva is our first social media technology tool we will be introducing!   Canva has played a crucial role in learning the basics of graphic...
Technology We Can’t Go Without: Part III
Drum roll please... The last but certainly not least part of our series about the technology we can't live without, we're introducing ClickUp. ClickUp is a game-changer - with features like workspaces, dashboards, and document hubs - collaboration is brought...